Overcome struggle, stress, trauma,  pain and move towards excitement, confidence, relief, increased energy and childlike wonder

I had more clarity, insight and clearing with 1 Breathwork Journey session than I have had in 20 years of therapy

Is this you?

You are trustworthy and have confidence in a key number of areas in life. You also set goals. However, its hit and miss about whether you seen them through to completion. You have a great work ethic, talent and skills but you’re are not using them to your full potential. Do things for others. You pay the bills. Nothing is necessarily broken however you know it could be better and something is getting in your way.

Some things could be broken and you have a lack of motivation to change, you react rather than plan, find it hard to focus and procrastinate. Two years later you are in the same shitty job or your business isn't growing or you didn’t go ahead with you idea. You still haven't lost the COVID weight gain and you still have won the lottery in order to take the pain away.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s a struggle to find your passion and enthusiasm day in and day out. Most of you have likely done therapy, courses, attended seminars only to fall back into your old pattern of doing things by Wednesday of the following week.

You are not happy in your Life Playground. If it feels like a prison. That's about to change. Ready to bring the childlike wonder back into you life? Let's play!

Why does that happen?

What did I learn about myself? I had two key physical and emotional stressors operating me. I learnt that I had a shot nervous system that drove me to make decisions based on staying safe / survival and that overrode everything else. This resulted in me constantly staying in or out of relationships, keeping the same job or profession, setting the same goals without getting the outcomes, lost in a sea of possibilities and wondering why I wasn’t good enough to get there. It led to continuous disappointment and resulted in me not withdrawing, stressed, restless, on guard, confused, feeling down and numb.

Our nervous system impacts our emotions and behaviour.  I learnt to regulate my nervous system and this has lead me to have amazing results emotionally (I'm happy), physically (I have consistent and constant energy), spiritually (I feel peaceful and connected to my innate wisdom).

The key second discovery I learnt was that I had (have) deep rooted and debilitating conditioning, trauma, patterns and behaviours that drove every decisions and actions due to “staying safe” aspects of me that stopped me from taking actions and  seeing things though.

Once I learnt how both of those stressors operated me. I took action to change that through coaching, meditation and deep discovery of breathing practises. 30 years later. Life is great. I’m still on the path to learn, grow and understand how to operate quicker, faster and better and will continue to do so.

Our biggest challenge is our battle we have with ourself

What do you really want?

Most of us walk around totally unconscious of how our conditioning impact us, particularly the conditioning driven to keep us stay safe. If you are aware, it is likely you don't have the skills or support to transform that. (survival will want to win – so you don’t take action). Therefore, when we wake up, we can feel struggle, paralysis, shut down, freeze and feel overwhelmed, angry, scared, tense.

We all want f**king tons of money, fabulous holidays and shit hot vision board of thing we desires. Park that. You will have it if you don't have it already. You are here to delve deep and transform. That's the work.

If we broke it down to a couple of simple things. What we want would likely be some of the following:

  • To feel happy
  • More consistency
  • Determination and discipline
  • To take action
  • Increase confidence
  • Live stress-less
  • Deep clarity and certainty
  • To be authentic
  • Have belief and can do

How can I get there? Accelerate change through Breathwork

The single most transformational gift I learnt was practising Breathwork.  Breathing exercises can enable you to clear your deep rooted shit, regulate your nervous system, change your conditioning and move you towards a life were you have the headspace to be calm, at ease, relaxed, feel fully in your body, not operating from survival, to be focused, present and clear. I drove deep into breathwork practice. Study it. Took course and practiced breathing techniques and exercise each and every day. One day a did a Breath Journey and BOOM! Life has never been the same.

In each Breathwork Journey session I have been able to work through deep seated issues, released trauma, worked through old patterns and beliefs. Janet is wonderful at what she does and holds such a safe and welcoming space for her clients.  I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Breathwork Journey... Instant Life Changing Experience!

My studies took me to Breath Masters and I qualified in delivering a Breathwork Journey. A single journey can have you on the path to happiness in 70 minutes. Opening you to unlimited possibilities to thrive in work, life, play. Hence why I wanted to become a practitioner of the practice and share it with the world. I now delvier Breathwork Jourrneys to people across the world. Some clients do this through coaching. Others simply want the Breathwork Journeys.

What does Breathwork Journey entail?

  • 70 to 90 minute breathwork journey is a curated breathing experience that leads to insight, growth, and transformation
  • It allows you to clear emotional or behavioural blockers that get in your way and stopping you from taking action, feeling at peace and grounded
  • This includes past trauma, conditioning, emotional and mental blockers
  • Participants are coached to let go of the past and call in the future
  • It’s physical – You will be breathing through your mouth and deep into the belly and chest for around 35 to 40 minutes (technique will be demonstrated)
  • You can have profound, physical, emotional and cathartic shifts that will change deep rooted conditioning and experiences from your past. This will start to free your mind and allow you to start seeing possibilities for yourself and have your excuses stop you from taking action. Wouldn't that be amazing?

The benefits of a Breathwork Journey

Benefits experienced by myself and client but not limited to include: Breaking free from self-sabotage, conditioning. Reframing beliefs, ideas and constructs. Experiencing shifts in perspective that moves you towards actions from possibility. Feeling more alive, empowered, peaceful, calm and centred. Achieving altered states of consciousness (without using illicit drugs). Having a deep sense of  relief. Automatic feeling of positivity, upbeat and alive. Freedom from traumas, broken relationships, shitty jobs and deep feelings of fear, sadness, stress and anxiety. Back to living in a PLAYGROUND again. That childlike wonder flowing through you.

The shifts and releases I've had have been incredible. And that's not to mention how amazing you feel after each session

How can I experience a Breathwork Journey?

If you are ready to rock your world and be open to change, you have two opportunities to experience a wonderful breathwork journey.

Individual Breathwork Journey

  • Initial individual curated breathwork journey costs AUD $400 (includes a 2 x 15 minute coaching sessions a number of days before and after the journey).
  • Ongoing breathwork journey session @ AUD $335 (includes a 15 minute coaching session a number of days out before the journey session)

Group Breathwork Journey

  • Group journey (maximum 10 participates)@ AUD $50
  • When you attend a group journey you will be asked to forward 1 x issue you wish to let go off and 1 x possibility you wish to bring to you life ahead of the session

Special events

  • Pricing for special events such as Janet attending face-to-face workshops, retreats or for corporates. Please contact to inquire.
  • If you have financial challenges then please reach out to Janet and advise. She will work endeavour to work with your budget.

I have been doing yoga, meditation, and experienced many breathwork sessions over 25 years. This journey with Janet was the most profound, physical, emotional and cathartic session I have ever experienced. It wasn't easy in parts but the sense of peace and lightness at the end was worth it. This was a gift and a start to understanding my inner wisdom.

To learn more about participating in transformational Breathwork Journey. Enter your details below and we will contact you.