I had more clarity, insight and clearing with 1 breathwork session than I have had in 20 years of therapy


Through breathwork, you can to have profound, physical, emotional and cathartic experiences ultimately leading you to excel work, life and play. Wouldn't that be amazing?


Is this you?

  • You likely have drive, charisma, self-awareness, motivation. You are trustworthy, have confidence in a key number of areas in life.

  • You also set goals, communicate effectively and work hard. However, you still do not feel fulfilled and struggle to find your passion and enthusiasm day in and day out.

  • This leads to stress and anxiety which is tough to manage and not left at the door when you go home. Some of you live work 24/7 - Stop that shit.

  • Most of you have likely done therapy, courses, attended seminars only to fall back into your old pattern of doing things by Wednesday of the following week.

  • The reason behind this is that we do not consciously know what our debilitating patterns and behaviours are; what traumatic experiences we live with, what lives and thrives in the subconscious mind and manifests as unconscious incompetence running your every day thoughts, actions, reactions and resistance.

  • Breathwork changes that. A Breathwork Journey changes that instantly. Good news is all you need to do is BREATHE deeply.


What does a Breathwork Journey entail?

50 to 70 minute breathwork journey is a curated breathing experience that leads to insight, growth, and transformation – allowing you to clear any emotional or behavioural blockers that get in your way. This includes past trauma, conditioning, emotional and mental blockers.

Participants are coached to let go of the past and call in the future through prolonged guided breathing instruction
It’s physical – You will be breathing through your mouth and deep into the belly and chest for around 35 to 40 minutes (technique will be demonstrated)

This power hour is for you, just you.


Breathwork Tip No. 1

Breathwork can heal trauma. Through a guided breathwork journey, you can heal that trauma without having to relive it. How amazing would that be?

Breathwork Tip No. 2

Need to change your energy? Have a pick me up? Do rapid Fire Breathe for 3 minutes. Learn more....

Breathwork Tip No. 3

Do you snore or have sleep apnea? Tape your mouth at bedtime. From above your top lip to below your lower lip. Not only will you make your partner happy, you will wake up feeling amazing

The benefits of a Breathwork Journey

  • Breaking free from self-sabotage,  conditioning, imposter syndrome

  • Reframes of beliefs, ideas and constructs,

  • Shifts in perspective that moves you towards actions from possibility

  • Feeling more alive, empowered, peaceful, calm and centred

  • Achieving altered states of consciousness (without using illicit drugs)

  • Feeling of relief

  • Positivity

  • Upbeat and excited about life

  • Freeing you from old traumas, broken relationships, shitty jobs and deep feelings of fear, sadness, stress and anxiety

The shifts and releases I've had have been incredible. And that's not to mention how amazing you feel after each session


Sessions – Individual and Group

  • Weekly group breathwork journey sessions are delivered via Zoom

  • Packages for individuals
  • What to learn more breathwork techniques to ease your day? Sure... Action below

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