I had more clarity, insight and clearing with 1 breathwork session than I have had in 20 years of therapy

Through breathwork, I enable high achievers to have profound, physical, emotional and cathartic experiences ultimately leading to increased confidence and ability to manage work and life challenges, achieve immediate business results and not live 24/7 on the job. This in turn leads to improved health, happier homes and excelling in play.

You likely have perfected the traits of a great high achiever: drive, charisma, self-awareness, motivation, trustworthy, intelligence, confidence and knowledge - through education and life experience. You also set goals, communicate effectively and work hard.

However, you still do not feel fulfilled and struggle to find your passion and enthusiasm day in and day out. This leads to stress and anxiety which is tough to manage and not left at the door when you go home.

Most of you have done therapy, courses, attended seminars only to fall back into your old pattern of doing things by Wednesday of the following week.

The reason behind this is that we do not consciously know what our debilitating patterns and behaviours are; what lives and thrives in the subconscious mind and manifests as unconscious incompetence running your every day thoughts, actions, reactions and resistance.

Breathwork changes that. A Breathwork Journey changes that instantly. Good news is all you need to do is BREATHE deeply.

What does a Breathwork Journey entail?

50 to 70 minute breathwork journey is a curated breathing experience that leads to insight, growth, and transformation – allowing you to clear any emotional or behavioural blockers that get in your way.

  • Participants are coached to let go of the past and call in the future
  • It’s physical – You will be breathing through your mouth and deep into the belly and chest for around 35 to 40 minutes (technique will be demonstrated)
  • This power hour is for you, just you!!

The benefits of a Breathwork Journey

  • Breaking free from self-sabotage, conditioning so you shit stops getting in the way
  • Reframes of beliefs, ideas and constructs, a shift in perspective that moves you towards actions from possibility
  • Feeling more alive, empowered, peaceful, calm and centred
  • Achieving altered states of consciousness
    • Feeling of relief
    • Positivity
    • Upbeat and excited about life
  • Free from old traumas, broken relationships, shitty jobs and deep feelings of fear and sadness

The shifts and releases I've had have been incredible. And that's not to mention how amazing you feel after each session

Sessions – Individual and Group

  • Breathwork sessions are delivered via Zoom
  • Packages for individuals
  • Weekly group sessions

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Thank you Janet for your amazing Breathwork Journeys. I have done three sessions with Janet, a combination of online and in person and they have all be life changing. In each session I have been able to work through deep seated issues, released trauma, worked through old patterns and beliefs. Janet is wonderful at what she does and holds such a safe and welcoming space for her clients. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you!

Najette Saad
Najette Saad

I got more out of one session with Janet McNally than I have done for over 20 years of therapy and other modalities. This work and working with Janet has truly been life changing for me. I cannot recommend working with Janet and breathwork enough.

Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong

I've been doing Janet's breathwork sessions and the shifts and releases I've had have been incredible. And that's not to mention how amazing you feel after each session. I can feel my whole body is lighter and softer at the same time. I also love the ease of having the option to do this in your own home privately too. Can't wait till my next one, thank you Janet!!

Simonne Lee
Simonne Lee

Every single breathwork session with Janet has left me positively energised, refreshed and calm at the same time and with this great sense of being more and more connected to my true self. I feel that I have just scratched the surface of what is possible with breathwork and I can’t wait for more. So excited for tonight’s session, thank you Janet!!

Alexa Kramer
Alexa Kramer

I have been doing yoga, meditation, and experienced many breathwork sessions over 25 years. This journey with Janet was the most profound, physical, emotional and cathartic session I have ever experienced. It wasn't easy in parts but the sense of peace and lightness at the end was worth it. This was a gift and a start to understanding my inner wisdom. Thank you


Releasing, reconnecting and rejuvenating. Breathwork with Janet McNally is an experience like no other, the mind falls away and the breath and body react, respond and recalibrate in the most profound, healing and transformational fashion. At its completion I felt light, liberated and more like the true me.