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Life Coach Review – The Secret Behind The Secret

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After “The Secret” a lot us would get up every morning, sit in front of our newly created Vision Board and sit there meditating or “Om-ing” on those pictures, the dream home, lottery numbers, 6 figure salary, etc, etc.
AND that’s where you left it. Then about 6 or so months later, you gave up the morning visualisation, torn down the vision board and move onto the next sure thing that was going to abundantly provide, with the least amount of effort, because you were not reaching the goals as The Secret promised.
I was one of those people and it took me about 9 months to get that simply asking the universe for something, ie only doing visualisation around it, does not work.
Intent alone is not enough. The winning not-so-secret formula of Intent, Planning and Action will get you close to, if not 100% there. Give it a go!
Let me elaborate:
  1. You need to fully visual the end results (goal) | Specific and measureable goals are best (Intent)
  2. Draw up a plan with tactic/actions to get you there (Planning)
  3. Take daily action and introduce  success forming habits or practices (including visualisation) to get you to results you desire (Action)
By doing all three of the above, you get into the flow of attracting the right opportunities, resources and people that bring you closer to your goals and probably attaining them with ease.
Even in the bible it states “Ask and you shall receive (intention), seek and you shall find (put a plan together), knock and the door will be open (taking action). I’m sure in most spiritual practices they say the same.
I want to hear how you’ve been going with that…? Haven’t heard from some of you for a while… Don’t give up!
Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, winning formulas, goals and successes.
Happy Playground,

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